Why Join Sova

Sova Technologies brings together an extremely talented, intelligent group of people to solve challenges and work together on some of the most sophisticated software platforms and products in the world. As a result, Sova Technologies and its employees are experts in software development, across technology stack. The entire company works together to build, promote and generate revenue from these products. High standards, hard work, passion, and execution define the culture of the company.

To support the aggressive Sova Technologies business strategy and sustain long term growth, the company offers mentoring, career progression and growth opportunities in an exciting team-oriented learning environment.  While each individual makes a difference and is encouraged to reach their potential, Sova Technologies has also fostered an esprit de corps where people work together across team boundaries to meet corporate goals.

As you walk through the Sova Technologies headquarters, you will see private office spaces and various teams meeting together in conference rooms, all moving forward on projects. Free coffee, and snacks are provided on every floor. Employees’ own landscape and city-scape photographs are autographed, framed and displayed in the hallways. Sova Technologies promotes a healthy lifestyle by encouraging morning free-hands exercise for employees to use before their work day starts.

As the company grows, management wishes to continually nurture the “small company” feeling it was founded with, and combine that with “large company” benefits, processes, and structure. A testament to this great environment is the fact that many Sova Technologies employees have been with the company for 10 years or longer. Since 2009, Sova Technologies has progressed and grown through solid leadership and the talent of its employees. Today, the company recognizes this fact and strives to reward those who have contributed with a variety of perks, a complete benefits package, and a healthy work environment.