Team Sova

team1Sova Technologies comes with a very vibrant team with a mixture of young, energetic and experienced profiles to run the show. The entire team is been upfront for the growth of the organization and moving heads on with the ever changing market.


Shikha Moitra – CEO

Shikha has been around the IT and Service industry for above 25 years and have discharged multiple responsibilities during her tenure.

She is one of the co-founders of Sova Technologies in vision of providing quality IT services in India primarily and overseas. She has established business to its existing levels and has enjoyed success with customers worldwide in stitching together long term partnerships. She heads Business Development and overlooks other strategic initiatives at Sova Technologies.

Broza Gopal Das – Director (Global Sales)

Babu, as he is known in the business world, comes with a vast experience over 25+ years in various industries, IT, Food & Beverages, Healthcare, Logistics, to name a few.

A die-hard quality enthusiastic, Babu, have pushed the service platform of Sova to a level where quality flows in Sova Technologies work culture. He has special skills on Business Requirement Analysis, Risk Management, Technology Evaluations and Competence Development.

Soumitra Sen – Director (Indian Taxation)

Soumitra comes to Sova Technologies with 12 years of in-depth Indian Taxation domain expertise. Been a tech savvy guy, he always provided IT  linked solutions to his clients where ever he worked in his entire professional career.

He oversees the Taxation consulting domain of Sova Technologies along with have been a key personnel for strategy building in the domain.

Tonmoy Ghosh – Project Manager

Inder Kumar Jha – BDM (Domestic)

Orion Wills – BDM (International)